Vibieffe Cube Modular Sofa

Vibieffe Cube Modular Sofa

Category: Living room > Sofas

The cube sofa is a modular sofa that showcases form and space, minimalism and versatility. Interior designers appreciate the cube sofa for its endless possibilities of composition in a simple and stylish manner, catering to modern demands. The sofa can be matched with different items, such as armchairs, ottomans and coffee tables, to create a cozy environment and convey the subtle elegance of the cube design. The sofa also has a fabric or leather cover that can be easily removed, making it convenient to clean and care for. The cube sofa is a flexible and sophisticated sofa that displays its personality through the mix of various shapes and colours.

There are various compositions available, we're happy to discuss your requirements should you have a style and size in mind so please ask in store. 


From £5,350.00

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