Connubia is the young contemporary brand of the Calligaris Group. With its array of contemporary, colorful and versatile products, Connubia turns any setting into a perfect living space and an everyday place to be shared. Connubia is not just about home. It is made for any space you want to inhabit.

Connubia draws inspiration from the new concept of #connubity, a core part of the brand, embodying its spirit and epitomizing its philosophy. The quest is to create a new community of people united by a passion for fresh dynamic designs, a bold aesthetic and a thirst for newness. Connubia products have a simple functional design in which color prevails as a medium to express vitality and personality. Products that strive to be environmentally friendly with ethically sourced materials that reduce our footprint. Not just chairs and tables, but also contemporary accessories, objects and furniture that will lend themselves to a variety of different settings, but also contribute to the creation of spaces that truly inspire for work, the community and life in general. Designs that tell everyday stories because when we sit down together around a table, there is a communion of spirits, a meeting of minds and a sharing of emotions. This is what Connubia centers on for inspiration.

Look out for the Garda, Tuka and New York Dining Chairs, plus the Arctic and Elisse Dining Tables in our showroom.  

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Connubia Garda


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