Connubia Ellisse Extending Rectangular

Connubia Ellisse Extending Rectangular

Category: Dining room > Tables

The rectangular, extending version of Ellisse is more versatile and adaptable than its counterpart. It can be used for various occasions, such as family gatherings, special occasions, hobbies and more. Additionally, the sleek monoblock look will elegantly elevate any environment and suit any kind of décor. The table boasts a ceramic top which means it's not only easy to clean but durable and resistant to mildew, heat and scratches. It can either stand out with other furniture and accessories, or harmonize with a minimalist style. You can customise and personalise this table by choosing either marble, stone or wood for the table top.  


 W 160-200-240 x D 90 x H 77


From £3,548.00

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