Tonon Italia River Stone

Tonon Italia River Stone

Category: Outdoor > Furniture

River Stone fits well in all living spaces, perfect for all the ambiances: as seating for the living room or for the children’s room, in the terrace or used as a pouf for the bedroom, for the bathroom or in the entrance.

Never-endings are the possible applications of rRver Stone in the contract market too: as a small stool for the dressing room or for the shoes shops, for the hotel rooms or for the bar, in the spa or in the malls, as seating for a short rest.

River Stone doesn’t leave any possibility out. It truly amazes with its organic shape, 3D skin and soft touch. The modular pouf in 2 different sizes made in the material soft touch plus is comfortable, durable, easy to move and waterproof. 100%hygienic, non toxic, easy to clean and available in a variety of colors.

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