Ronald Schmitt K436

Ronald Schmitt K436

Category: Living room > Tables - Side

Height adjustable coffee table on casters.

MDF base lacquered in standard colours, matted, with mirror finish or lacquered in premium soft lacquer. Metal parts polished or translucent chrome. Table top available in both, float glass and ceramic according standard collection.

iSup is a table system which re-defines the ergonomics of tables which adjust for height. The use is simple and comfortable. To lower the height, the gas spring is activated by pushing the button in the middle of the table top and the top goes down. Lifting it is even easier. Just seize the table top and pull it upward to any desired position. The table top is absolutely fixed. The table offers a maximum of flexibility and reacts fast and simple to your ergonomic needs. 


L 1100 x W 700 x H 400-610

From £1,790.00

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