Pode Ziggy

Pode Ziggy

Category: Living room > Sofas

Sitting in a Ziggy is heavenly. This endless Pascal Bosetti seating programme offers you every freedom. Whatever shape you want for your sofa, you can achieve it with Ziggy. Straight sofas or corner elements or, with a bit of imagination, you can even compose the Z from Ziggy. All elements can also be used as stand-alone or linked items. Ziggy is available in all fabrics and you can also enjoy roomy loose upholstery and padding that moulds itself wonderfully to your body.

Must-have accessories

The separate back and lower back cushions are available in both fabric and leather, creating that perfect finishing touch. Ziggy also has various handy accessories. For instance, there’s a round or rectangular oak tray, ideal for your book, drink or remote control. And the folding cushion, available in three sizes, is an absolute must-have! Complete your own dream sofa, from A to Ziggy.

From £2,330.00

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