Pode Spot 2

Pode Spot 2

Category: Living room > Armchairs

Spot gives you a wonderful family feeling, just like so many other Pode products. This is even more the case with this beautiful swivel chair, however, because Spot is a full cousin of the Sparkle. Despite the clearly recognisable family lines drawn by Thijs Smeets, Spot is unique. The seat has fixed upholstery, for example, without a separate cushion, giving it a very different look.

Family features

Like its cousin, Spot comes in a low (One) and a high (Two) variant, with the option of adding a nice head cushion for added comfort. The inside and outside can be upholstered separately to create gorgeous combinations. In addition, for each version you have a choice between an oak and an aluminium swivel base. The footstool has been specially developed for Spot, with the option of combining two types of upholstery. Whichever combinations you ultimately choose, they are sure to be Spot-on!

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