Pianca Plana

Pianca Plana

Category: Bedroom > Wardrobes - Sliding

Minimalism and versatility become freedom to customise and furnish. Simple, linear doors are available lacquered, in wood or textured, completed by a vast range of handles to pair with hinged, sliding and flush sliding doors. Problem-solving comes naturally to Plana that is also available in special modules: four-season units, over door modules, bridging modules with a desk or TV, modules with external drawer units, household appliances, with open modules, terminal modules and walk-in closets with folding doors. Custom-sized modules that can be fitted in any kind of space are also available.


Smallest - W 143.8 x D 59 x H 238.5/257.7/289.7
Largest - W 453.8 x D 59 x H 238.5/257.7/289.7

Many sizes and compositions available. 

From £1,543.00

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