Pianca People

Pianca People

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This collection of sideboards is an offshoot of the extensive people system range. The distinctive mitre-folding, which results in seamless carcasses and easy-grip edges, gives the sideboards an extremely polished appearance in their use of clean lines and formal simplicity. Its multiple expressive and composite possibilities, change and expand in space and time, to satisfy the demand of quality of people’s future houses, thanks to the superior quality of the materials and to the extreme care that is put in assembling the pieces.

Comes in various finishes, styles and sizes.


W 120 x D 35/45/55 x H 86/126/146
W 160/240 x D 35/45/55 x H 46/66/86
W 200 x D 35/45/55 x H 66/86
W 240 x D 35/45 x H 60/80

From £1,278.00

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