Pianca Kyoto

Pianca Kyoto

Category: Bedroom > Bedside Chests

Essential things are never superfluous. The complements of the Kyoto bedroom set, the dresser and bedside table, are the result of the study of the absolute section between corner and straight line, in a measured composition of surfaces. The outer frame, more pronounced and deeper, encloses push-pull opening drawers, defining the entire volume of the structure ith stark gracefulness. The top transforms into an open niche, a discreet, elegant support surface, where you can add a further complement: a tray with an synthetic leather-covered base for storage of personal items and jewellery, which fits neatly inside the profile of the top. The cantilevered base floats, creating a void which surrounds the elements, giving them a sense of impalpable lightness.


L 43/53/63 x D 52 x H 54
L 73/93 x D 52 x H 94

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