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Pianca Filo up

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Versatility is an additional asset for this bed. Its minimalist design and moderate dimensions let it discreetly and elegantly adapt to any environment. Like an uninterrupted seam, the fully-upholstered headboard and bed base frame create a single, continuous shape. The padded headboard is upholstered in hand-tufted or plain leather or fabric. The straight, almost two-dimensional feet are available in Plexiglas, wood and matt lacquers.


Mattress size - 90/100/120/153/160 x 190/200/Bed frame - 97/107/127/160/167 x 205/215
Mattress size - 180 x 200/210/Bed frame - 187 x 215/225
Mattress size - 193 x 200/Bed frame - 200 x 215

From £1,941.00

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