Pianca Domenica

Pianca Domenica

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As a tribute to Sunday, the day of rest, the Domenica bed invites you to relax and recline in a solid, warm and protective embrace. A bed where you can relax, read and recline at leisure, gently cocooned by the soft shapes of a structure that creates a safe, intimate corner. One single continuous line draws a delicate, organic silhouette. The exposed zip, is a key feature of the bed profile, transforming the zip from a functional element to a distinctive detail. The bed contour widens majestically and then curves downwards in a sharp diagonal as if to close the shape in order to protect, conceal or shelter. It is more than a bed. It is a place and to some extent also a piece of interior architecture conceived as a place to set one’s emotions at rest. The metal base adds further lightness to the structure, giving it the appearance of floating in space. There is an optional underbed container for better organisation of storage.


Mattress size - 153 x 190/Bed frame - 165 x 203
Mattress size - 153 x 200/Bed frame - 165 x 203
Mattress size - 160 x 190/Bed frame - 172 x 210
Mattress size - 160 x 200/Bed frame - 172 x 210
Mattress size - 180 x 200/Bed frame - 192 x 230
Mattress size - 180 x 210/Bed frame - 192 x 230
Mattress size - 193 x 200/Bed frame - 205 x 243

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