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Pianca Crea

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Introducing the Crea Wardrobe by Pianca—a masterpiece of refined design with an eccentric appeal. As an interior designer, you’ll appreciate the thoughtful details that make this wardrobe truly exceptional.

Key features

Geometric Door Decor - The doors feature a geometric design that combines glossy and matte glass surfaces. This juxtaposition creates visual interest and adds depth to the overall composition.

The geometric patterns consist of various-sized rectangles, each carefully proportioned. These shapes stem from a modern artistic language, emphasizing contemporary aesthetics.

Graphic Impact Handle - The handle is a focal point, making a strong visual impact. It cuts across the doors in a horizontal line, enhancing the overall beauty of the composition.

Imagine a sleek, minimalist handle that adds both functionality and style.

Material Options - These doors are available in two material choices:

  1. Matt Lacquered: For a smooth, understated finish.
  2. Wood: For a warm, natural look.

Both options are recessed inside the panel of the sliding or flush sliding doors, ensuring a seamless appearance.

Customization and Accessories - To tailor these doors to your needs, choose from a wide range of accessories:

  1. Drawer Modules: Organize your space efficiently.
  2. Hanging Solutions: Perfect for coats, bags, or scarves.
  3. Drawers and Draw Fronts: Conceal clutter stylishly.
  4. Internal Partitions and Shelves: Customize storage.

There are various sizes available, so feel free to inquire in-store for details.

Whether you’re aiming for a sleek urban vibe or a cozy, natural ambiance, these doors offer versatility and elegance. 

From £3,270.00

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