müller mobel K 16 - S3/S4

müller mobel K 16 - S3/S4

Category: Living room > Storage - Media units

A sideboard of true distinction: K 16 is definitely serious about decluttering in a fantastically relaxed way. Just close the doors and let your style shine. Well-balanced proportions turn the sideboard into a very laid-back piece of furniture, utterly enjoyable to the touch as well.


S3: H 55.5 x B 153.5 x T 42
S4: H 55.5 x B 227.5 x T 42


Sideboard S3 with 2 sliding doors, 1 partition wall, 2 separate compartments and Sideboard S4 with 3 sliding doors, 2 partition walls, 3 seperate compartments



From £1,985.00

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