Ligne Roset Tassels

Ligne Roset Tassels

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Rug woven from three natural materials : wool, cotton and jute (25 %). Jute, sometimes called the ‘golden fibre’, is a natural vegetable material with silky, strong fibres, is increasingly used by the textile industry. Biodegradable and recyclable, this rainfed crop requires almost no fertilizer or pesticide, making it the eco-friendly material of choice. It requires 125 times less water in its production than the same weight of cotton. Lastly, one hectare of jute absorbs 15 tonnes of carbon dioxide and produces 11 tonnes of oxygen. An ecological material, then, and a responsible one! Hand woven kilim rug in 65% wool / 25 % jute / 10 % cotton.


200 x 314

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