Lema Toto

Lema Toto

Category: Living room > Storage - Shelving

There is a contemporary, minimalist feel to the practical Totò wall container. This vertical piece in lacquered metal is attached to the wall with a steel mechanism. Lightweight and economical in the way it occupies the space, Totò is really simple to use. The mechanism that holds the container off the ground is equipped with a swivel pin which allows the user to conceal or reveal the contents. The inside is organised into shelves - featuring metal parts designed to stop objects falling off - which create compartments for the storage of CDs, DVDs and much more besides. They also provide the perfect space for storing glasses or showing off collections of small objects. When used as part of a group, Totò offers a way of furnishing a wall and providing storage at the same time, combining aesthetics and practicality to great effect.


W 25 x D 35 x H 180

From £1,633.00

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