Lema Neil

Lema Neil

Category: Living room > Sofas

The embodiment of the concept of bespoke comfort, the low, modular Neil sofa features soft seat, generous shaping and a squared backrest and armrests, which tilt slightly outwards, underlining the welcoming, comfortable feel of the model. The whole design is built around a platform which can accommodate - in different positions - the backrest and armrests, available in two different heights. The composition chosen determines Neil’s design and function - the low backrest and armrests invite you to adopt a more relaxed posture, while the version with the high backrest is more suitable when hosting guests. Meanwhile, a combination of the two adds a pleasing sense of dynamism to the sofa, increasing its versatility. Yet Neil’s personality is to be found in details such as the 1950s feet, the elegant stitching that runs along the perimeter, emphasising the design.


W 230/320 x D 95 x H 70/80

Many more compositions available. 

From £7,328.00

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