Lema Mr Zheng

Lema Mr Zheng

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The Oriental inspiration of the Mr.Zheng side tables is apparent from the name - and the bamboo-style interlocking structure serves only to heighten this feeling. The structural parts of the base - made from 10mm steel rods - are connected to horizontal and vertical elements to create a criss-cross effect. The lacquered wood top is available in glossy and matt finishes, providing a pleasing contrast with the sleek, plated metal below. Four versions in the range: three round coffee tables, one high and two low, and one low oval side table, which is also available with an elegant inlaid Canaletto walnut top.


Ø 52 x H 52
Ø 90 x H 34
Ø 120 x H 34
180 x 100 x H 34

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