Lema Gullwing

Lema Gullwing

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The Gullwing table system is the product of extensive research by Gabriele and Oscar Buratti into the “complex simplicity” of curved lines and the rich presence they bring to a space. The project is characterised by the expert combination of different materials and the sculptural lines of the base, which interact with the light and the surrounding space to create a never-ending dance of shadows, reflections and angles. There is bold feel to the paired, curved legs – as elegant as wings – which serve as the base for Gullwing in its various guises. This element can be used in compositions of three or four, or as the central base for the round versions. In addition to being a structural element in its own right, what is unique about the painted metal base is that it features fixing and adjusting mechanisms, which makes it possible to create tables having tops of different shapes – rectangular, square, round, oval – and sizes, even if these are very different to one another and range from very small to very large. The painted metal bases with matt lacquer finish are paired with table tops in wood, marble, porcelain stoneware and in the clay and reconstructed marble finishes, which are exclusive to Lema.


180 x 90 x H 73
200/240/300 x 100 x H 73
120 x 120 x H 73
140 x 140 x H 73
200/240/300 x 105 x H 73

Ø 80 x H 36

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