Glas Italia Sherazade Swing Plain Door

Glas Italia Sherazade Swing Plain Door

Category: Accessories > Finishing touches

Sherazade Swing Plain is a single custom made swing door with a concealed frame, which stands out for its clean lines and attention to detail, whose door panel fits flush to the wall. 

Panels in glass, stoneware and in wood with different finishes and essences are available.
It is possible to assemble three kinds of lock (without block, with cylinder, with revolving plug) and choose between handle or knob and they are supplied in the same finish of the frame. The hinges are with adjustable pivot. 
The pickled aluminium subframe, invisible when the door is closed, is available for both cement and plasterboard walls and it can be varnished during the painting of the walls. The single swing door is also available fitted flush to the ceiling. The entire handle set is treated with a special sanitizing varnish which, by counteracting bacterial overgrowth, guarantees maximum hygiene and cleanliness of the surfaces.

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