Flos Kelvin Edge Base LED

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Flos Kelvin Edge Base LED

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The Kelvin Edge LED Table Lamp by Flos, designed by Antonio Citterio in 2015, is a versatile and stylish lighting solution. Let’s explore its features and why it’s worth considering for your space:

Adjustable Direct Light: The Kelvin Edge provides focused, direct illumination—perfect for tasks such as reading, working, or studying. Its adjustable head and double arm allow you to position the light precisely where you need it.

Materials and Finish Options:

Diffuser Technology:

Intuitive Controls:

Cable Options:

Color Choices:

Plug-and-Play Convenience:


In summary, the Kelvin Edge LED Table Lamp combines functionality, aesthetics, and user-friendly features. Whether you need focused task lighting or ambient glow, this lamp delivers. Choose your preferred color and enjoy the perfect blend of form and function!

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