Flos Glo-ball Suspension

Flos Glo-ball Suspension

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The Glo-Ball Suspension is a captivating lighting fixture designed by Jasper Morrison as part of the iconic Glo Ball Series by Flos.

Inspired by the soft, serene glow of a full moon in a clear sky, this suspension light aims to illuminate spaces with an otherworldly magic.

Key features of the Glo-Ball Suspension

  1. Diffuser: The diffuser is made of externally acid-etched, hand-blown, flashed opaline glass. This material ensures a gentle and even distribution of light, creating a soft and clean white glow. When illuminated, the diffuser appears as a flat, glowing disc.
  2. Support Fixture: The support fixture is crafted from pressed steel with a glossy white lacquered finish. It remains unobtrusive, allowing the focus to remain on the diffused light.

  3. Variations: The Glo-Ball Suspension is available in multiple variations, catering to different design preferences and room sizes - 

    Glo-Ball Suspension 1: Designed with a smaller diffuser, it provides diffused light and features an externally acid-etched, hand-blown, flashed opaline glass diffuser. The ceiling fitting is pressed and galvanised.

    Glo-Ball Suspension 2: This version has a larger diffuser and also provides diffused light. Its transparent, injection-molded polycarbonate diffuser support complements the opaline glass diffuser. The ceiling fitting is pressed and galvanised.

Whether suspended individually or in clusters, the Glo-Ball Suspension adds elegance and a touch of celestial beauty to any interior space. It’s a harmonious blend of minimalist design and ethereal illumination.


Suspension 1 - Shade - 33 x 27/Overall height - 54
Suspension 2 - Shade - 36 x 45/Overall height - 63
Mini Glo-ball - Shade - 11.2 x 8.5/Overall height - 48.5

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