Fiam Caadre

Fiam Caadre

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Designed by Philippe Starck for Fiam Italia, the Caadre mirror transcends mere functionality—it’s a captivating masterpiece.

Imagine a mirror that defies convention, standing tall with its frame composed of four separate back-silvered curved glass elements. Whether free-standing or elegantly hung, it graces your space with ethereal elegance. Choose from semi-reflective titanium glass or the allure of bronze glass back-silvered, each glance revealing new facets like ripples on water.

Customizable in bespoke sizes, the Caadre invites you to explore your truth. In addition, choose an optional LED lighting kit, and watch as the mirror dances with light, creating an ambiance uniquely yours.

Philippe Starck reflects, “Perhaps Narcissus has fallen into the water, intent on finding this mysterious mirror, framed in curved glass that reflects truth, while changing it? Truth or lie?” Dive into the Caadre mirror—where form becomes reflection, and reflection becomes art. 

Modular System

Caadre by Philippe Starck can now also become an elegant, unusual Caadre Modular System. The utmost in stylish simplicity, it is able to assume the identity of a mirror to form the keynote of a wall, or multiply and combine exactly as required to create the wall itself.


Free standing 
L 76/105/140 x H 195 
L 155 x H 240
195 x 195

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From £1,950.00

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