Fatboy Fatboy Original Slim Velvet Beanbag

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Fatboy Fatboy Original Slim Velvet Beanbag

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The first Original beanbag made its appearance on the market in 1998. Since then, this beanbag has developed into a true lifestyle icon. Time to give this beanbag a make-over, one that feels silky smooth and exudes luxury.

The Original Slim Velvet is just as comfortable as the Fatboy Original, bean bag but has a refined format (1550 x 1200 mm). This makes this beanbag suitable to be used anywhere in the home. The velvety material reflects the light, giving the beanbag a rich and elegant shimmer.

The Original Slim Velvet is an item from Fatboy's latest indoor Velvet collection. This collection does not only have luxury beanbags but also features velvety-soft poufs, cushions and huge velvet bunny (true story).



155 x 120


Packaging - 60 x 60 x 110

Capacity - 260 ltrs

From £189.00

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