Eforma Plai - Crystal Top

Eforma Plai - Crystal Top

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The PLAI table effortlessly combines simplicity with timeless elegance. Crafted with meticulous attention to materials, it exudes originality and sophistication. Here are the key features that make it a design masterpiece:

  1. Solid Base: The table’s base consists of painted metal legs, which provide stability and durability. The addition of shiny black chromed feet adds an extra layer of elegance and style, making it a perfect fit for any modern living room.

  2. Crescent-Shaped Legs: The base features crescent-shaped legs that create a captivating visual effect. From every angle, the base takes on different shapes, playing with light and shadows. The versatility of these legs ensures a dynamic and ever-changing appearance.

  3. Customizable Top: The PLAI table offers various top options to suit your preferences:

    • Glass: Choose between black painted glass or extra-clear transparent glass. The transparency of glass allows you to fully appreciate its sculptural value.
    • Hammered Glass: For a bold statement, opt for the new hammered glass in bronze or black colors. This adds texture and uniqueness to the table.
    • Wood: If you prefer warmth and natural beauty, go for the wooden top.
    • Ceramic or Marble: Elevate your space with ceramic or marble tops, available in rectangular or shaped designs.

In summary, the PLAI table is not just furniture; it’s an artful expression that adapts to your taste and lifestyle. Whether you seek minimalist elegance or bold aesthetics, the PLAI table delivers both form and function.

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