Cattelan Italia Fulham

Cattelan Italia Fulham

Category: Living room > Storage - Shelving

The Fulham Bookcase, designed by Ono Design and produced by Cattelan Italia, is a contemporary masterpiece that combines aesthetics with functionality. Crafted from embossed lacquered steel, this piece boasts a sleek and modern appearance.

You can choose from three elegant finishes:

The structure of the Fulham Bookcase is characterized by curved walls and internal partitions, creating fluid and sinuous lines. These unique shapes allow light to filter through, resulting in captivating plays of light and shadow.

Available in single or double-height modular sizes, the Fulham Bookcase adapts to your space and storage needs. Whether you’re looking for a stylish display or a functional storage solution, this piece offers both aesthetic appeal and practicality.

From £1,656.00

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