Cattelan Italia Camilla

Cattelan Italia Camilla

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The Camilla Dining Chair by Cattelan Italia embodies sinuous elegance, embracing the body with its curvaceous lines. Its upholstered arms and subtle horizontal stitching on the backrest create a sense of sensuality and comfort. This chair seamlessly blends into modern dining spaces, making it an exquisite choice for interior designers seeking both style and functionality. 

Here are some features:

The Camilla designer chair offers two distinct variants: Camilla, featuring legs crafted from fine wood, and Camilla ML, which boasts sleek metal legs for enhanced maneuverability and a lighter feel. Both versions strike an impeccable balance between a spacious seat and gracefully designed legs.

For a cohesive room design, consider pairing these armchairs with the Camilla Sgabello modern kitchen stools. Like other customizable seating families, the metal frame of the stools comes in various heights and shapes, complementing the elegant leathers and fabrics available in the sample collection.

Completing the family is the Camilla Lounge swivel armchair, characterized by its wide, rounded seat and streamlined metal base. Additionally, a fixed version of this armchair is available, featuring four sturdy metal legs.


67 x 62 x H 84

From £1,017.00

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