Bree's New World Twinny - FenixNTM

Bree's New World Twinny - FenixNTM

Category: Living room > Tables - Coffee

A trendy and distinctive range of coffee tables. Perfect for any (modern) interior.

If you are fond of round contours this is the table for you. 

Top comes in a range of styles: Desktop (22mm), FenixNTM (20mm), HPL Plastica (20mm) or wood veneer (20mm)

Frame is in black powder coated or stainless steel

A range of finishes available:

Desktop: mushroom or black

FenixNTM: 0029 Bianco Malé, 0718 Taupe, 0720 Nero Ingo, 0724 Grigio Bromo or 0749 Cacao Orinoco.

HPL Plastica: agate grey 0027 GA, alu grey 0026 GA or bronze 0794 GA 

Wood veneer: oak or walnut 

DIMENSIONS (mm) of sequentially the large and small table of the Twinny:


From £1,250.00

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