Bontempi Casa Comet

Bontempi Casa Comet

Category: Lighting > Suspension

The Bontempi Casa Comet Suspension Light is a stunning choice for your interior space! Here’s why you might consider it:

  1. Elegant Design: The Comet features a contemporary slender arc of lacquered metal suspended from a black circular ceiling plate. Its LED light strip creates a soft, floating effect that adds sophistication to any room.

  2. Size Options: You can choose from three sizes: medium (80cm diameter), large (100cm diameter), or a two-tier double arc version that combines both sizes in a cluster.

  3. Maximum Suspension Height: The Comet can be suspended up to 300cm, allowing for versatile placement.

  4. Integrated LED Bulb: The built-in LED light source ensures energy efficiency and longevity.

  5. Optional Touch Dimmer: For added convenience, you can include an optional touch dimmer kit.

Bontempi Casa is known for its elegant, timeless designs, making the Comet a beautiful addition to your home! 

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