Bonaldo Pil

Bonaldo Pil

Category: Living room > Armchairs

Pil is a collection inspired by the object that is itself a symbol of softness, the pillow: usually interpreted as an accessory, here the pillow plays the starring role, shaped and adapted to create a chair that conveys comfort and relaxation. The main components of Pil are the backrest cushion and the seat cushion. The latter features a fold in the middle, created to generate an enveloping effect that physically and visually emphasises the feeling of softness. The base consists of metal legs, with the crossbars set at a special angle, to create an original graphic interweaving effect.

Available in different versions: Pil, Pil up (with higher back rest), Miss Pil (with armrests), Miss Pil up (with higher backrest and armrests), Pil too (stool) and Pil armchair. 


49 x 57 x 84

Pil up
49 x 57 x 94

Miss Pil
61 x 59 x 84

Miss Pil up
61 x 59 x 94


From £615.00

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