Bonaldo Note

Bonaldo Note

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The Note sideboard looks like a suspended parallelepiped supported by two vertical inclined axes. It can be combined with the Note bookcase, for creating a stylistically consistent and coordinated look.
Original reinterpretation of the traditional sideboards, it is a particularly current furnishing item, thanks to its fresh lines, to the inclination of the two axes in lacquered wood and to the elegant finishes proposed: the wood is a refined material element, that gives it warmth and makes it immune to the passage of time. The result is a furnishing element with a contemporary and refined style.
Note sideboard is available in two sizes; in the smaller version, it is possible to choose between the three door variant or one with two side doors, drawer and folding table in the central section; in the larger version four doors are available.


3 doors
2 doors 
4 doors

From £3,075.00

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