Bonaldo Menu

Bonaldo Menu

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The Menu table is dedicated to times of pleasure and conviviality and is very useful for those who are always ready to add places to the table. The outcome of formal research focused on archetypical simplicity, made of minimum thicknesses, multipurpose formats and ingenious solutions. Menu is perfect as a dining table and is offered in fixed or extendable versions. In the latter version, the table can be extended depending on requirements, thanks to the practical, independent manual extensions that allow the surface to be extended. Simple in the shapes but versatile in the materials and sizes. Menu has painted metal legs and top available in different finshes of matt lacquered wood, glass or ceramic. 


120 x 120 x 75
140 x 140 x 75

Extended versions
125-170 x 80 x 75
140-175-210 x 90 x 75
165-210-255 x 90 x 75

From £1,699.00

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