Bonaldo Bahia

Bonaldo Bahia

Category: Living room > Armchairs

The “American dream” of the ‘50s relives in a perfect balance between the slender elements of the metal structure and the soft and welcoming shapes of Bahia armchair. The armchair, together with the Bahia chair, from which it draws inspiration, defines a new family of products: a collection for transversal use, from residential to hospitality contexts. The assembly of curved lines and simple metallic tubular elements creates a balanced shape. The main characteristic of Bahia armchair is the curved backrest that extends forward in a single line, allowing the arms to rest freely while enveloping the user’s back for maximum comfort. The upholstery, in fabric or leather, is
completely removable. Comfortable from the first glance, thanks to its organic shapes, the collection is also characterised
by slender legs in metal, flexing outwardly: it is the frame, thin but rigorous, that highlights, through contrast, the sinuousness
of the backrest and seat.


W 79 x D 79 x H 72/SH 44
W 84 x D 79 x H 102 x SH 44

From £1,780.00

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