Bonaldo April, May, June

Bonaldo April, May, June

Category: Living room > Storage - Shelving

A display with a strong personality: not only a bookcase, but a multi-function item that lends itself to personal interpretations of use.
Just like the three vibrant months it is named after bring to mind, April, May and June are colourful furnishing elements that bring happiness with them, thanks to the many colours in which they are proposed.
Designed by Gino Carollo, the display surfaces April, May and June show off simple and cohesive aesthetics, which are light and dynamic.
They can be used in combination with one another or individually, adapting to perfection to any interior décor in the home or office, from the living area to the bedroom or the study, even being ideal for the bathroom.
An immediately recognisable collection, with a unique character.


60 x 33 x 210
91 x 33 x 171
70 x 33 x 190

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