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B&B Italia Richard

Category: Living room > Sofas

Richard is the seating system which distinguishes itself by its balanced contemporary design, with references to classical atmospheres.

Its modular theme is developed by 76 elements in two depths: 93 cm for more formal and contained solutions, and 123 cm for larger compositions and more informal seating.

The extreme flexibility of the system and the ease with which the different elements can be assembled allows the living space to be interpreted in the most varied configurations, from formal to more relaxed, with seats, benches, ottomans and chaise longue.

The wide range of covers, in fabric with matching tones or contrasting profiles, and in leather with profiles in the same leather, allows an even greater level of customisation, offering monochromatic or contrasting solutions. The structure is emphasized by a metallic profile at the base, either painted black chromed or pewter painted.

Four sizes of optional cushions (650x500 mm, 480x480 mm, 550x300 mm, 380x380 mm) increase the comfort.

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