Arketipo Starman Dream

Arketipo Starman Dream

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Starman Dream, it's time to think bigger.

Connections, they are important. They provide an everlasting point between two or more ideas and concepts, these connections make what we do more than just a design principle - they are a reason to punch through our limitations and conceptualise something greater.
Starman is where our connection to Starman Dream begins; the latter captures the elements that made the sofa the design feature it has become. Aggressive and powerful contours, curved lines coupled with contrasting material feels and concepts. In short, what we have created are two products with a clear connection to one another, that connection is about interior life - and living it uniquely.
Starman Dream is about that connection to something we can all imagine, it's time we started dreaming bigger.


Mattress size - 120 x 200/Bed frame - 185 x 239
Mattress size - 160 x 200/Bed frame - 225 x 239
Mattress size - 180 x 200/Bed frame - 245 x 239
Mattress size - 193 x 203/Bed frame - 258 x 242

From £4,028.00

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