Arketipo Greenwich

Arketipo Greenwich

Category: Dining room > Tables

If the town to the South of London can deliver us a universal truth of time, then Greenwich for Arketipo needs to deliver a universal truth about furniture design, and we believe that this dining table does. Let us not underestimate the art and craft behind home furniture design, especially ones where communal living is the central idea behind the piece. Rich in unique details, a solid top does not detract but add to the base structure; a unique design that captures the refined handcrafted element which is then intersected with the offset metal ring available in a variety of finishes. Greenwich then serves as a greater purpose, one that shows what is possible when you deliver on design and weave through all of its complex permutations.


250 x 109 x H 74
300 x 115 x H 74

From £6,829.00

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