Arketipo Crazy Dream

Arketipo Crazy Dream

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Bringing together the aspects of the sister sofa range, Crazy Diamond, Arketipo continues to produce a line of work that understands the importance of design, comfort and engineering all interweaving and balancing to make Crazy Dream. If the sofa evoked strong emotional connections, then the bed continues in striving for the very same ethos; the headrest design is effortlessly brought across showcasing a design ideology that is the Arketipo way. The headrest delivers on ultimate comfort and flaunts an engineering ethos so typically ours. Adjustable design is rarely an easy thing to pass off, especially how this function allows you to hide cushions and provide comfort, but Crazy Dream makes it look so; retro chic design for a modern age, another feature of this beautiful configuration.


Mattress size - 120 x 200/Bed frame - 140 x 238
Mattress size - 160 x 200/Bed frame - 180 x 238
Mattress size - 180 x 200/Bed frame - 200 x 238
Mattress size - 193 x 203/Bed frame - 213 x 241

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