Arketipo Close To Me

Arketipo Close To Me

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At times, the best thing in the world, the thing we need the most, is a warm embrace. The Cure’s “Close to Me” is about one of those times, and the Close to Me sofa is all about that embrace. With an intriguing aesthetic appeal and strong yet warm character, Close to Me delivers an unmistakable feeling of hospitality. The volumetric construction expresses itself through soft, billowy cushions with a lived-in, “shabby-chic” elegance that’s endlessly welcoming. This classy and distinguished combination of form and comfort finds the perfect harmony between traditional hand-tailored precision and 21st-century style. Formal clarity and meticulous care are the creative signatures of Close to Me. The elliptical feet of the sofa serve not only their natural function but are also uniquely expressive sculptural details. The wraparound belt provides a visual and physical embrace that brings together the supple back and armrest cushions in an intimate gesture. The belt’s assiduously fashioned leather straps and metal clasps epitomize the quality of the exclusive finishes that enhance the charm of the collection.

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W 206/246/286/ x D 96 x H 83

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