Arketipo Belair

Arketipo Belair

Category: Living room > Armchairs

Set aside the name and everything that it conjures, and you are left with a chair that is the design brief few would ever accept, but yearn to attempt. Belair thus, is the design lovers' dream, one who wants to experiment with contrasts and materials, one who feels that more can be done with raw design and one who feels that the art of relaxation can only be achieved if the environment is constructed to be as such. Belair then is a dialogue, one of oxymoron and sober simplicity. One where the metal frame cradles intelligently crafted cushions, hand stitched and cared for; one where the construction appears like the chair is floating and one which invites you to take a moment and appreciate its beauty before appreciating how you are at ease with its presence. Trying is then, believing.


H 93 x 88 x 112 

From £3,570.00

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