Interior Design Services

Our Father & Son team live and breath designer furniture and have a lifetime of experience working with the industries top brands. Due to this, there are no better people to ask for advice or assistance, whether you have seen a item in a magazine but don't know the name, are interested in finding out more about a brand, need assistance planning a rooms space and furniture, or just have a general question, were only a phone call away.



Space Planning

Chattels also offer space planning services (which often comes standard with larger items of furniture). This way we can take a look at the overall layout of your room, liaise with your architect or designer if you have one and plan accordingly to ensure you are able to move freely around and not be obstructed in your day to day tasks. It also enables us to recomend and advise on the optimum size of furniture for your space before you comit to an order. Many of our products are availble in several sizes which enables us to work with almost any size room.

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