Fatboy Buggle-up

The Buggle-up is based upon Fatboy’s Original, to be changed in a two-seater in just a snap. By simply clicking its belts you adjust the seating comfort for one into one for two. Isn’t it much more fun to share a multifunctional beanbag?

With the Buggle-up you easily create your perfect lounge spot. Indoor, in the garden or patio. The Buggle-up Outdoor is made from Sunbrella fabric, a high-quality UV- and colourfade resistant fabric, can take a punch or two and is the ideal relax seat for around the house.

Fatboy is always looking for improvements, innovations and new applications for its Buggle-up Outdoor combines comfort for two with great permanence, making it possible to enjoy it for many years.
Fatboy uses specially developed fabrics to make the Buggle-up Outdoor extra strong and durable for all your outdoor activities. Buggle-up Outdoor is available in eight different colours.


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