Founded in 1966 by Piero Ambrogio Busnelli, the B&B Italia brand is widely regarded as the leading Italian company in the manufacture of home furnishings, with retail outlets located globally.

B&B Italia offer many different types of furniture including beds, sofas and outdoor seating amongst many others. We are one of the UK’s leading retailers of B&B Italia furniture and can provide you with great advice and assistance planning furniture combinations throughout the B&B Italia range.


Fabrics: B&B carefully select their fabrics based on their resistance to abrasion, staining, laceration and rubbing as well as the quality of piling and buffing.

Timber: All woods are responsibly sourced from Latin and North America and include American oak, Canaletto walnut, rosewood and Teak (Outdoor only).

Metals: Steel and Aluminium are the two most commonly used metallic families used in B&B furniture. Finishes vary from chrome plating, brushing and painting.

Lacquers: B&B lacquers have been researched intensively over the years, to provide the best result with resistance to ageing, scratching and abrasion whilst offering the customer a range of carefully selected colours to choose from.

Research, Innovation & Manufacturing

Pushing the boundaries of research and technology within the furniture market has been a key factor in the company’s success over the years. This has also resulted in B&B gaining an excellent reputation for producing furniture and products to an exceptionally high level of quality and to stand the test of time. To ensure that B&B maintain this status, the company invests around 3% of its turnover back into its internal R&D centre so that new technologies and processes can be developed for the future.
Research into new materials and technologies has allowed designers at B&B to express their creativity to the full and produce fantastic products using cutting edge processes.

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